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Bispyribac-sodium 95%TC
Bispyribac-sodium 40%SC
Bispyribac-sodium 40%WP
Bispyribac-sodium 10%SC


HRAC B WSSA 2; pyrimidinyloxybenzoic





Common namebispyribac-sodium (BSI, pa ISO)

IUPAC namesodium 2,6-bis(4,6-dimethoxypyrimidin-2-yloxy)benzoate

Chemical Abstracts namesodium 2,6-bis[(4,6-dimethoxy-2-pyrimidinyl)oxy]benzoate

CAS RN[125401-75-4] for acid; [125401-92-5] for sodium saltDevelopment codesKIH-2023; KUH-911 (both Kumiai); V-10029


CompositionTech. is >93%.Mol. wt.452.4M.f.C19H17N4NaO8; C19H18N4O8for the acidFormWhite powder.M.p.223-224 °CV.p.5.05 ´ 10-6mPa (25 ºC)KOWlogP = -1.03 (23 °C)Henry3.12 ´ 10-11Pa m3mol-1(calc.)S.g./densityBulk density 0.0737 (20 °C, CIPAC MT 3)SolubilityIn water 73.3 g/l (25 ºC). In methanol 26.3, acetone 0.043 g/l (25 °C).StabilityStable in water; DT50>1 y (pH 7 & 9), 448 h (pH 4). Stable to light. Not decomposed after 14 d at 55 °C.pKa3.05


HistoryDiscovered in 1988. Reported by Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd (M. Yokoyama et al., Proc. Br. Crop Prot. Conf. - Weeds, 1993, 1, 61). Developed jointly by Kumiai and Ihara Chemical Industry Co., Ltd and introduced in 1997.PatentsUS 4906285; EP 321846ManufacturersIhara/Kumiai


BiochemistryBranched chain amino acid synthesis (ALS or AHAS) inhibitor.Mode of actionSelective, systemic post-emergence herbicide, absorbed by foliage and roots.UsesControl of grasses, sedges and broad-leaved weeds, especially Echinochloa spp., in direct-seeded rice, at rates of 15-45 g/ha. Also used to stunt growth of weeds in non-crop situations.Formulation typesSC; water-soluble liquid.Selected tradenames:'Grass-short' (non-crop land) (Kumiai); 'Nominee' (Kumiai); 'Short-keep' (non-crop land) (Riken Green)


'Regiment' (Valent)


By hplc. Details available from Kumiai.


OralAcute oral LD50for male rats 4111, female rats 2635, male and female mice 3524 mg/kg.Skin and eyeAcute percutaneous LD50for rats >2000 mg/kg. Non-irritating to skin; slightly irritating to eyes (rabbits).InhalationLC50(4 h) for rats >4.48 mg/l.NOEL(2 y) for male rats 20 mg/kg diet (1.1 mg/kg b.w. daily), female rats 20 mg/kg diet (1.4 mg/kg b.w. daily), male mice 14.1 mg/kg daily, female mice 1.7 mg/kg b.w. daily.ADI0.011 mg/kg.OtherNon-mutagenic in the Ames test, and non-teratogenic to rats and rabbits.Toxicity classWHO (a.i.) III (Table 5)


BirdsAcute oral LD50for bobwhite quail >2250 mg/kg. Dietary LC50(5 d) for bobwhite quail and mallard ducks >5620 mg/kg diet.FishAcute LC50(96 h) for rainbow trout and bluegill sunfish >100 ppm.DaphniaLC50(48 h) >100 ppm.AlgaeEC50(120 h) for Selenastrum capricornutum 3.4 mg/l, NOEC 0.625 mg/l.BeesLD50(oral) >200 mg/bee; LC50(contact) >7000 mg/l spray.WormsNOEL (14 d) for Eisenia foetida >1000 mg/kg soil.



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