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Bacillus Sphaericus

Introduction to Preparation
1.Effective Ingredient
The production strains of Bacillus sphaericus were isolated from the soil at the suburb of Yangzhou. The effective ingredient of this production is toxic protein that consists of spore, cell wall etc. It can control Culex spp, Anopheles spp, Aedas spp, etc.
2.Process of product
The preparation is produced by the ferment technology of Bacillus sphaericus. After fermentation, the fermented liquid was compressed, ground and become the suspension preparation.

Character of Biology, Physics and Chemistry
1.Character of Biology
Bacillus Sphaericus exists in natural word widely. It is toxic to the larvae of mosquitoes and does no harm to other organisms. In the precess of forming spore, germ produces a kind of protein that can be digested by mid-gut enzyme after swallowed by larvae and becomes toxic to larvae.
2. Character of physics Chemistry
The liquid preparation is suspension in light brown color with little sauce or no smell. Its PH is 4.0~5.0 and specific gravity is 1.04. The suspension is uniform and stable in prime temperature and can be store in 1 year. The bio-potency of the preparation is 100 IU/ul.

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